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Are you currently running your own coaching business but finding it overwhelming to manage everything on your own? As a coach and mentor, you understand the power of collective energy and the importance of working together towards a common goal. That's why we're excited to introduce Pursuit Institute Coaching and Consulting—a unique partnership designed to provide you with unwavering support from other established coaches like yourself.

In this partnership, you maintain your individuality and autonomy as a coach, while benefiting from the collective expertise, resources, and support of our community. Through mastermind sessions and collaborative growth opportunities, you'll have the chance to exchange ideas, share best practices, and learn from one another, ultimately empowering you to grow and thrive in your coaching practice.

But the benefits dont stop there

By joining Pursuit Institute Coaching and Consulting, you and your clients will also gain access to the exclusive 2% Club—a community of passionate individuals committed to personal and professional growth.

This means that instead of each of us trying to do it all alone, we come together to contribute to a shared mission, creating a more inclusive and impactful experience for our clients. 

The 2% Club offers your clients the incredible opportunity to receive daily coaching support without requiring your presence every single day. Through our partnership with other high-level coaches, we've created a powerful platform where your clients can access guidance, inspiration, and accountability on a daily basis. This means that even when you're not available, your clients can still receive the support they need to stay on track with their goals and aspirations.

By integrating the 2% Club into your coaching business, you're not only providing your clients with an invaluable resource for their personal growth journey, but you're also creating another revenue stream for your business. This means that you can offer the 2% Club as an additional service to your clients, adding value to your coaching packages and increasing your income potential.

So if you're ready to take your coaching practice to the next level and enjoy a better balance between work and life, come join the team at Pursuit Institute Coaching and Consulting.

 Together, we'll elevate each other and create a thriving community where coaches and clients alike can grow, succeed, and thrive.

I Can't wait to welcome you to the Pursuit Institute Coaching

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